Sunday, February 22, 2009

Golden Steak Fries

Just one more reason I am glad that I let my husband register for the mini fry-daddy . . .

Golden Steak Fries

2 Idaho potatoes
Plenty of cooking oil
Plenty of salt
Plenty of freshly ground pepper

In a large pot or a deep fryer, heat oil to 375 degrees. Meanwhile, slice your potatoes into long strips about and inch wide and 1/2 an inch thick, leaving the skins on. In batches of about 10-12 fries each, cook the fries in the oil until golden brown - about 5-7 minutes. Drain on paper towels and sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. Serve immediately with ketchup.


missgeorgiapeach said...

OMG Lauren! That is exactly how my mother makes her fries and they are the best!!!! I have never been able to find someone else that cooks their own fries like that. I would, actually, rather have them then any fast food chain's fries. We don't have a deep fryer yet but hopefully will register for one so I can keep the tradition going.

As I continue to read your blog and try your recipes...I wonder if we were separated at birth. LOL!

What's Cookin Chicago said...

This recipe looks delicious!

Cate said...

I've always wanted a deep fryer but I'm scared of my lack of self control (I think I'd want to attempt to deep fry just about know, just to experiment).
Every time I make oven fries I lament their anemic color and wish I had a deep fryer to make them nice and perfect like these!


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