Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kreativ Bloggers

Recently, my friend over at Mrs. Southern Belle tagged me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! I was so touched and honored - I love it when bloggers can cross genres and recognize all sorts of creativity and inspiration. Thanks Mrs. Southern Belle!!!

Here are the award rules: List 7 things you love, and then pass on to 7 bloggers that you love. Be sure to tag them to let them know that they won!

I love . . .
1. . . . finding creative inspiration in my friends and my everyday life.
2. . . . cooking and baking with organic ingredients.
3. . . . learning something new every single day.
4. . . . my incredibly supportive husband, who says he loves every dish I make.
5. . . . my mom and my grandmother, who taught me how to bake.
6. . . . my dad who makes the best chocolate chip cookies of all time.
7. . . . my brothers, who have always been there for me when I needed someone to lick the cream cheese icing off of the beaters.

I tag . . .
Brown Dog Boutique - custom stationary, treat-kits, and other tips for dog lovers
My Bottle's Up! - a real-life, touching, and hilarious story of motherhood
O'Shea Designs - her hand-made greeting cards are gorgeous
Deals, Steals, and Heels - my shopping guru always has creative ideas
Good Things Catered - she may be on hiatus for lent, but she still rocks!
HauteCakes - order some designer cupcakes, serving greater Atlanta
Life Chef's Food for Life - a fellow Atlanta food blogger, very cool


Brown Dog Boutique said...

Thanks for tagging me with the Kreativ Blogger award! It's my first blog award! Love your blog (and your cooking)!!

nic said...

aww! you're a doll. thanks for the tag... never been "tagged." you just de-virginized me. :)~


Deals, Steals & Heels said...

you are so sweet!


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