Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Contacting Ellie

Dear Readers,

I love to hear from you! Please email me with any questions, ideas, recipes, suggestions, or tips you may have. See a great vintage coobook on eBay that reminded you of my blog? Have a generations-old family recipe that you want to share? Have an idea for tweaking one of my recipes or (eep!) correcting a mistake in one? Email me!!! The most rewarding part of the blog for me is actually reaching out to people through my recipes, so feel free to reach out!!

Click here to email me.

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If you are interested in making one of my recipes and posting it on your own website, I ask that you merely change the text of the recipe to your own original words, and link back to the post here at VV. I love seeing other chefs out there enjoying my recipes, tweaking them, and sharing them with the blogosphere as long as citations link back to the original inspiration.

However, if you are interested in using my stories, my photos, or any other original content, I ask that you please contact me by email to ask permission. I am generally pretty easygoing about these things, but my inner lawyer voice says to be careful.

Check out this great article by David Lebowitz for more on being a legally compliant and ethical recipe blogger!



Tom Ford said...

Love your page and your recipes, my grandma used to make a pot pie with pork spareribs, I never got her recipe and wonder how you would make it. She used carrots, onion, celery and potatoes, she made the pastry top with Bisquick. If you could put a variation together I think it would be better than what I have tried, and mine does not taste anything like hers did. Thanks for the work you put into your site, Tom


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